Are you fed up of all those nagging aches and pains in your back?

Is the stress and tension in your shoulders starting to be a pain in the neck?

Is tightness in your back preventing you from moving as freely as you should?

If you want to find some relief from those aches and pains in your back, neck and shoulders, then book your first session with me now.

Where you will find out:


How you can have a deep tissue massage that’s so gentle and deeply relaxing and de-stressing, you may fall asleep without the agonising pain.


How the aches and pains may have come about long term, and a few simple ways to help your posture to prevent them.


How knots and tension can be eased effectively, so you can feel better and start to have movement in your back again.


To book your first session, TEXT me with brief details of your issue along with YOUR NAME to 07508824449 and I will be in touch with you to book you in. It is fine to ring but I am usually with clients the majority of the day and may only get back to you later that night.


Modern Massage Company - Massage Room
Here at The Modern Massage Company I do things differently…. I use a fusion of massage styles to help you find relief from tension and knots without causing any more pain. The slow, rhythmic massage, combined with the warmth of the hot stones ensure that you are totally relaxed. That helps me to get deep into the muscles to release the tension, without you feeling you’re being pummelled! We do longer sessions which ensure we cover everything we need to without rushing you out of the door.

And now available – for those who have nagging aches and pains that just won’t go away, no matter what you or anyone else does for you, or when the pain simply keeps moving to another part of your body, I’ve developed a Fusion of Massage and Energy Healing which helps to find the source of your problem and release the cause.  

Success Stories

“After the very first session, I felt as if the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. By my third session this feeling had become the norm; my posture has improved, my energy levels have been enhanced and a general feeling of wellbeing has been maintained ever since. It has motivated me to start a moderate health and fitness regime, part of which now includes a regular massage.”


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