1. Your face is always on display – everyone sees it – there is no hiding it and you can’t replace it. Our modern day lifestyle creates stress and tension which can show on the face and can tend to age our skin prematurely. Getting away from it all for a while to relax and relieve all that stress and tension and taking extremely good care of your skin will leave it looking and feeling the best it can be.

2. Make up looks far smoother and not cakey (which usually occurs either if the make contains skin drying ingredients or the skin has too many dead skin cells flaking ready to shed) and it can stay on longer if your skin is nicely cleansed, polished and nourished.

3. In today’s modern world, we hardly seem to be able to eat the amount of natural foods as we should to get those essential nutrients to the inside of our body, let alone have enough to reach the outside of our body. Using beneficial skin care products can reach the areas that digested nutrients cannot reach!

4. As our skin matures (and in the cosmetics world skin matures from the age of 25!) it doesn’t function as well as we would like. Collagen and elastin levels drop, our skin doesn’t secrete the necessary oil to protect the skin from the environment and it doesn’t shed the dead, dull and flaky skin cells as quickly as it should and so we start showing the signs of aging. We definitely need a helping hand. Beneficial skin care and regular facials can greatly enhance our skin’s appearance and help to reduce the signs of aging.

5. Why not! Are you not worth the ultimate indulgence of escaping to relax for a while whilst someone else does all the work to give you glowing, radiant skin. Plus, although only the face, neck and shoulders are treated, it can feel just like your whole body has been treated.