Beverley Fertility Support Group

Have you been trying for a baby for a while without success? 
Are you going for IVF treatment? 
Are you going through infertility alone?
You don’t have to:
I am setting up a Fertility Support Group – To meet every third Wednesday in the month in Beverley.
Would you like to join us?
Julie Allison
Finding out you have fertility issues can be a lonely journey.


Friends, family and work colleagues can mean well but they don’t understand what you are going through.


Being part of a group where everyone is going through the same thing and knows how you feel really helps.


We are here to support you so you don’t have to feel alone.

More than that, I want this group to be positive and active. I’m Julie Allison, and as a Nutritionist, Detox Specialist and Massage Specialist I want to share with you how you can change your lifestyle to be at your optimum health ready for welcoming your baby.

In the meetings, as well as a space for sharing our individual stories, we will look at the following:

Positive Mindset Techniques:

Mindfulness, Meditation,


Law of Attraction

Self-Massage Techniques:

Stress relief massage,

Abdominal massage


Detoxing protocols

Optimum nutrition to boost fertility

Skin detox

Useful resources:

Where else you can get help from

Useful websites and books

Meetings are to be held on the third Wednesday of each month. The very first meeting is on Wednesday 16th November.  There is a £5 fee to cover costs of hiring the room etc. This is a ladies only group (for now) just to allow you to feel comfortable opening up and sharing your fertility issues.
Venue: Eucalyptus Yoga, 2 Wheatsheaf Lane, off Ladygate, Beverley, East Yorkshire.
To book your place for the next meeting click here.
We also have a Facebook group where we can all share anything we think will be useful to other members. Click here to join.
If you would like to contact me, my mobile number is  07508 824449