How a Soothing Abdominal Massage can help you

The main muscle that this massage works with is the colon wall.The colon is often a neglected organ. Of all the organs that we think about ensuring we keep healthy, would the colon be the first one that came to your mind?

Whilst it is essential that we think about keeping our other organs healthy, there are simple things we can do to help keep the colon functioning. It is the main organ of elimination and is therefore important in detoxing the body. If the colon isn’t functioning properly, the body starts to reabsorb toxins…..

5 good reasons to have a facial

1. Your face is always on display – everyone sees it – there is no hiding it and you can’t replace it. Our modern day lifestyle creates stress and tension which can show on the face and can tend to age our skin prematurely. Getting away from it all for a while to relax and relieve all that stress and tension and taking extremely good care of your skin will leave it looking and feeling the best it can be…..

Why is massage good for us?

We all lead very busy and, usually, stressful lives trying to keep up with today’s pressures. Massage may help to relieve some of this stress by allowing you to spend some time chilling and relaxing, whilst someone else does all the work to help you keep a balanced body…..

To Detox or Not To Detox?

Firstly, it depends on what your interpretation of detoxing is. When most people think of detoxing, they think about an extreme change of diet, doing rigourous excercise, buying loads of supplements, pills and special drinks all at once. Or perhaps they even fast for several days. That seems a lot of hard work to me, plus a drastic change to any routine could perhaps put a lot more stress on an already overworked, overwhelmed body. And how many of us can really stick to this type of regime – seriously?. And after all that effort, people then revert to the unhealthy habits as they have found it too hard to keep up. So, this is not the type of detoxing I mean….