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Have you recently received a pummeling deep tissue massage which hurt so much that you didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!!


Then my method of deep tissue massage will work for you if you prefer a more gentle approach without the pain. Using the most gentle, yet highly effective, specialised deep tissue techniques, knots can be released and tension will disappear, helping you feel a new found freedom.

Deep Tissue Massage without the pain

The Gentle Deep Tissue Massage is right for you if you want help to free your tight, aching muscles. It reaches the deeper muscles whilst still feeling gentle and relaxing. Forget the saying “no pain – no gain”, this is a complete myth – whilst there may be a slight discomfort over knots, a deep tissue massage should not be a painful experience, nor should there be any bruising. This massage incorporates a special technique called myofascial release which works to free the tissue that surrounds muscles. When we work to release that tissue first, this is what helps to create that feeling of freedom of movement.

Ideal for you if:

⇒You have bad posture

⇒You sit at a computer all day long which affects your upper back

⇒You drive for long hours and get out the car with an aching lower back

⇒You prefer a deep tissue massage that is more gentle and doesn’t hurt

What it can do for you ….

Stress & tension

Do you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders? Are you feeling all the stress and tension build up day after day? Our modern day lifestyle affects us particularly in our back, neck and shoulders? The techniques used in this treatment work specifically through each of your knots (trigger points) and restrictive areas to relax and soften them with a view to releasing that feeling of tightness, soreness and aching to give you that sense of freedom again.

Bad posture

Years of prolonged standing or sitting incorrectly, constantly slouching or walking incorrectly can lead to a chronic restriction in the muscle fibres and surrounding connective tissue. This in turn causes your muscles to become imbalanced and your head and shoulders to lean forward and your back rounded. Myofascial release and trigger point therapy are ideal techniques worked in sessions over a period of time to help release any restrictions to ease the pain and make you feel like you can stretch and exercise to help improve your posture again.

Repetitive strains

Do you have a hobby that puts a strain on your muscles and joints? Constant stress placed on your muscles by doing repetitive movements can lead to chronic aches and pains as the muscles and connective tissue respond by staying in a contracted position, becoming short and tight. This treatment may help by bringing some relief from repetitive strain injury and tightness in your back, neck and shoulders as it helps to soothe and elongate your muscles and bring much needed blood and nutrients to the muscles and joints.

Work gets in the way

Do you spend your working hours endlessly driving or sitting at a desk or in front of a computer? Is this causing your back, neck and shoulders to cease up and ache? Is this so bad that it’s affecting what you do (or can’t do) in your home life? Along with ensuring your working conditions are optimal for a good posture and you ensure you regularly do stretching exercises, deep tissue techniques may help ease all those aches and pains associated with work related back problems.

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