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“A truly wonderful treatment that promotes total relaxation of the mind and body”


Hot Stone Massage


How a Hot Stone Massage can help you

If you want complete pampering then this massage is for you. It is a truly wonderful treatment and promotes total relaxation of the mind and body, helping to promote a great sense of well-being. Clients have told Julie that their minds are so focused on the stones that are placed on their body that it really helps them to forget about their troubles for a while, and the stones are very comforting.

If you suffer from aches and pains in your shoulders and back then Hot Stone Massage has all the benefits of a general massage but with the added bonus that the heat of the stones warms up the muscles, making them more relaxed and more receptive to massage. This then enables Julie to reach the deeper muscle tissues. For this reason, Julie tends to use the hot stones on people with tight back and shoulder muscles, even if she is doing another treatment.

In the cold winter months (or lets face it most of the British seasons), Hot Stone Massage proves exceptionally welcoming as a way of warming the body.


How a Hot Stone Massage works

Hot stone massage is a treatment incorporating basalt stones – a product of volcanic action. This means that these stones retain heat exceptionally well. Because the stones have been embedded in the earth for eons, they contain healing properties, in a similar way to crystals. The majority of stones used in this treatment are naturally smooth due to being constantly washed by the tides of the sea and rivers. Sometimes coarser stones are used which provide an excellent means of exfoliating the skin. This in turn helps the body to detox as it clears the skin of any congestion.


What it can do for you ….

Special Gift

You want the perfect treat for a loved one – this is Julie’s most popular treatment for people to give as gift vouchers.

Aching muscles

Your muscles just need relaxing and you are not looking for manipulative deep tissue work



You are suffering from stress and are in need of total relaxation



You need complete pampering


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