Massage to help you find relief from your aches and pains…


You can choose from the following:

1) “I want to be free from aches and pains” (click here). For you if…

  • You’ve got aches and pains in your back, neck and shoulders
  • AND/OR You’ve got dodgy knees, symptoms of sciatica or tight leg muscles
  • You are committed to getting rid of those nagging aches and pains for good
  • You want help to improve your posture
  • You want the tension soothed and eased away without hurting badly

2)  “I want to de-stress and feel less anxious” (click here). For you if…

  • You’re overwhelmed with work commitments AND/OR life commitments
  • You’re really stressed at the moment
  • You never stay still – though would like to get the chance to!
  • You just want some ME time for total relaxation and de-stressing

Don’t worry – we still get all the knots and tension out just like Option 1, but with Option 2 you may like the opportunity to take relaxation to another level.


Not sure which type of massage treatment to enjoy? – no problem – for assistance with choosing the perfect massage for you give me a ring and we can discuss the best option for you.

All your treatments are bespoke to meet your individual needs. If you tell me what results you are striving to achieve, I can design a programme of sessions to benefit you the most.

Why not give massage a try – what have you got to lose? Only your stress!

NEW! Two Hour Pure Indulgence Packages

Introducing our brand new Two Hour Pure Indulgence Packages

Does a one hour massage never feel enough time for you?

Does it feel like you’ve only just relaxed onto the couch when your relaxation time is over in a flash?

Or are you undecided whether to have a full body massage for an hour or a luxury facial for an hour instead?

Problem solved! – why not treat yourself to the ultimate relaxation with one of our Two Hour Pure Indulgence Packages

Choose from our wide range of Massage and Spa Treatments on the menu to create your own tailor made Two Hour package. To give you an idea if you are undecided the most popular choices with our clients are:

  • Pamper Me full body massage plus the luxurious Your Beautiful Face Spa Facial
  • Pamper Me full body massage plus the Natural Lift Facial Massage
  • Your Beautiful Back treatment plus the luxurious Your Beautiful Face Spa Facial

This is also the perfect treat to give a loved one as a gift. Contact us if you wish to purchase a gift voucher.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is wonderful for those suffering from tightness, tension headaches and knots in their muscles or for those who just prefer the type of massage that gets into the deeper layers of muscle. Slow moves are used to work through to the deep muscles aiming to stretch out the muscle fibres, bring an increased blood flow to the affected areas and flush out the toxins that are associated with knots. Nevertheless, this is still a relaxing form of massage. Feel your aches and pains just melt away.

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Hot Stone Massage

Whether you need complete pampering or want to ease those aches and pains then Hot Stone Massage is for you. It is a wonderful pampering treatment, easing away any built up stress and tension, bringing about total relaxation of the mind and body, helping to promote a complete sense of wellbeing. Your muscles relax under the heat of the stones, helping to create a deeper massage. A wonderful treatment in the colder seasons, with the warmth of the stones feeling like a comforting hot water bottle.

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