Prices for Massage Treatments

The prices stated are for single sessions. If you truly want more permanent relief from your aches and pains and don’t want to feel such restriction that you feel you can’t move your neck or you don’t feel you have as much freedom of movement in your back, then I highly recommend that you need more than one session to help you get out of the pain you feel right now. One session can make a difference as the first step  – in fact I would expect you to feel that it has done some good. But, if you leave it at that and try to carry on doing the same thing, the same job, the same lifestyle etc, the very thing that put you in this painful position in the first place may just unfortunately creep back up on you again.

That’s why I offer packages of several sessions, in which we can both fully commit to ensuring you feel a vast improvement and begin to take more control over your bad posture once and for all. So packages are available at discounted prices. This will be discussed at your first session, if you wish to continue with more sessions.

To make it clear how much treatment time you will receive, all times stated below are for the total session time. We need to do a consultation with you every time to see how you are progressing and to ensure the massage treatments are beneficial for you. But we will ensure you get enough time to relax into your massage.

Gentle Deep Tissue Massage

75 minute session (60 minutes allocated for massage) is my MAIN RECOMMENDATION as a minimum to allow enough time to release tension and knots across all of the back, neck and shoulders only. To ensure your treatment is not painful, we work slowly and wait until your tissues decide to release. We also use hot stones or a combination of hot and cold stones. So, we need to allow enough time to work through all the problem areas. Individual session = £50.


60 minute session (45 minutes allocated for massage) is a new session I’m offering for REGULAR CLIENTS ONLY who we know only need to relieve tension from one area or who are short on time. This session is more useful on a regular basis after your first few session, once we know what is working for you. Individual session = £40.


100 minute session (90 minutes allocated for massage). This is for you if you also need your legs or arms and a head massage as well and back, neck and shoulders treating. (or if you just want to relax longer).  Individual session = £60.


2 hour session. This can cover the whole body or be used to really concentrate on any stubborn knots or really tight areas of tension that we need to work on. Individual session = £80

Hot Stone Therapy Massage (or combination of hot and cold stones). 
90 mins, back, neck and shoulders only (includes back of legs) £65
2 hours, full body. Includes a facial incorporating hot and cold stones if wanted. Individual sessions = £85

Natural Detox Massage
(Manual Lymphatic Drainage)
75 mins £45 ~ Including Body Brushing. Individual sessions = £60
90 mins without body brushing. Individual sessions = £55

Relaxation and De-stress Me Massage
60 mins £40
90 mins £60
2 hours £80

Spa Treatments

Luxury Tropic Facial (incorporates Natural Lift Facial Massage)
70 mins £35

Natural Lift Facial Massage
45 mins £30

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment
60 mins £35

Silky Soft Skin
Full Body 50 mins £30
In preparation to a massage treatment £15

Anti-Cellulite Treatment
75 mins £45

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