Prior to your appointment

Where is the Modern Massage Company located?

28 St Leonards Road is opposite the T-junction at molescroft Primary School. If you do get lost, do not move away from Molescroft Primary School. Ring me and I will be able to see you out of the window if you stay next to the school. The house is numbered.

How soon prior to the appointment should I arrive?

You will be given your appointment time at the time of booking. This is also the time of your arrival. Unfortunately, there is no reception, receptionist or waiting area so I cannot accommodate you until your allotted time slot. Please don’t feel that you have to arrive early. I give you an appointment time that fits in with the departure of my previous client and time to prepare the couch with fresh towels for your treatment.

Is parking available?

There will be a space allocated for you on the driveway. You do not need to be concerned with any other vehicles already on the driveway.

How long is the session time?

The time stated on the website is for the massage only. Allow an extra 15 to 30 minutes for the consultation and the relaxation time following your massage.

Consultation time is additional to your actual massage time. You will be asked to complete a health questionnaire before we discuss your individual needs. To save you time, on the right of this page there is a consultation form in .PDF format for you to print out and then complete to bring with you to your session.

What should I wear for the session?

If you are having a back, neck and shoulder treatment, wear comfortable, loose trousers such as jogging bottoms. Don’t wear any expensive or best clothing, since, if any oils get onto clothing, it isn’t always easy to remove the stain.

Most of Julie’s massage treatments will need you to take off everything with the exception of pants.Towels will be draped over you throughout the massage and these can be used to wipe any excess oil before you re-dress.  So, if you are coming for a massage, wear old clothes, just in case you get any excess oil on them when getting dressed after your massage. Natural oils can tend to stain material.

For facial massages, you will only need to remove your top.

If coming for an energy treatment, wear comfortable clothing as you will be laying on a couch, fully clothed or sat for a while

For treatments such as anti-cellulite or abdominal massage, where exfoliation salts or masks are used, you will be provided with disposable pants.

Unless you are expecting an important call, please remember to switch it off prior to your treatment. This is for your comfort and to make the most of your massage so you do not get disturbed in “your time”.

You will be asked to remove jewellery before your treatment for safety reasons. But I would recommend that you do not wear any jewellery to the session (rings are fine). I have previously had a few clients forgetting to collect their jewellery before they depart. Obviously they collected it on their next session or stopped by but it is the inconvenience of forgetting to take it with you.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

A deposit of £5 may be asked for. This will be taken through a credit or debit card.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel a session, please give at least 24 hours notice. Or if you are ill on the day of your intended session, please ring as early as possible (from 7 am).

You can either ring on 01482 868417 to cancel the appointment or text Julie on 0750 882 4449. If you do not give adequate notice, a fee may be charged to cover costs.

You can also download our cancellationpolicy.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I see my GP if I have any health concerns before I have my treatment?

Please note that these treatments are not intended as a replacement to medical supervision or medical advice, nor are they intended as a cure for any medical condition. Please consult your GP if you have any health concerns. If you are already under medical supervision or taking medication, you may need written approval from your GP before receiving any of these treatments. On your first appointment, you will have a consultation to establish your suitability for treatment and you can discuss any concerns you may have with Julie.

Are there any other considerations when I have my treatment?

As you arrive at Massage Therapy, leave the outside world behind you – please turn off mobile phones, blackberries, ipods and any other equipment that may disturb you during the treatment.

Promise to take time to read the leaflet or act on the therapists advice provided at the end of the session. The leaflets provide you with the appropriate home care advice to ensure you get the most out of your treatment(s).

Everyone has such busy schedules on a daily basis, but try to ensure you have time to relax afterwards and it may be wise to have a free day the following day to reap all the beneficial effects of the massage – don’t come for a treatment the day before you have 10 people coming round for lunch!!

I wear perfume (or aftershave for men). Is this is ok when I attend my treatment?

If you wear chemical (artificial) based perfumes or aftershave, please could I ask you NOT put any on to come to your treatment. I have other clients who have asthma and breathing difficulties and also clients who are trying to get pregnant. The synthetic chemicals in perfumes and aftershave interfere with hormones, and affect breathing. The chemicals from perfumes linger in the atmosphere for many hours afterwards. Thank you for understanding.

Do I need to have a consultation?

Consultations are required to ensure that each client is both suitable for treatment and treated appropriately. The initial consultation can take up to ½ hour.

Is more than one treatment necessary?

If you are just looking for a one time treat, then one massage is still beneficial for you. It is possible  from one session that you can experience some improvement in your digestion, increased energy levels, reduction in stress, improved circulation and so on (please read the benefits of massage on the Therapies page). Because of our lifestyles, we soon find ourselves facing stressful more toxins in the body and this takes its toll on our bodies. Regular massage is recommended as maintenance. Most of Julie’s clients have a session once a month as a boost. This is particularly important when having the detox massage.

If you are seeking to free those aches and pains, one massage could be the answer, though it can generally take some time to completely ease aches and pains. But again, if you then need to carry on doing your job or whatever it was that contributed to causing aches and pains, then the pain may start to come back if you don’t do anything about it.

Why does my back hurt the day after the massage?

A massage aims to relax and free your muscles. If your muscles have been in the wrong position for a long time, and they are then coaxed and manipulated into the correct position, this is exactly like exercising. Have you ever been to an exercise class or followed a routine where you exercise your muscles that much that it hurts for the next 48 hours. The exercise is making the muscle do something that it has never done before (or for a long time). Well, that is exactly what a massage is doing – it is starting to put your muscles into the correct position – if you have back ache or are in pain, your muscles will probably have been tightened up for a long time and have “forgotten” how to release (or not been allowed to release because you are always putting a strain on them) and therefore a lot of compensation is going on in the body to make up for the problem.

I can do some energy work to help reduce any following pain from happening if you ask.

Is there anything I need to do following the treatment?

–  Please drink plenty of water

–  Avoid cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine

–  Make time to relax afterwards and do nothing strenuous.

You will be provided with a leaflet after your treatment. Please take the time to read it and adhere to the aftercare.

If oil is left on my hair from the treatment, how do I remove it?

To remove oil from your hair – BEFORE wetting your hair, simply apply your usual shampoo to dry hair. THEN rinse your hair and shampoo as normal

Would there be any reason I couldn't have the treatment for health reasons?

You will note from the consultation form what I am required to know about your health status. I use this information to simply ensure I can carry out a complete safe massage. But here are the main issues that would mean I couldn’t perform a massage for you:

Any vaccinations – ie for going on holiday or the flu jab. Allow two weeks for these to get into your sytem. If you were attend a session just after having a vaccination, massage can shift things around your body. You need your body to adjust to the “foreign” substance naturally.

Botox – the same as above. I know that people do have botox for relaxing muscles, when a pain or problem persists these days.

If you’re going on a flight. Flying is dehydrating. So can a massage, if a lot of work has been done (which is why I ask you to drink plenty of water to hydrate again). So I don’t recommend flying immediately before or after (within 24 hours) your massage.

If you currently have been diagnosed with cancer. Although, no proof, there is the thought that since a massage can shift things around your body, my insurance does not allow for me to massage anyone who currently has cancer. I hope that you would understand that we cannot do this for your own safety – we would not want to spread anything.

Customised Treatments

All of the therapies on offer at Massage Therapy can be customised to ensure you gain maximum benefit from them to maintain your health and wellbeing. When you ring to book an appointment and are interested in a combination of therapies in one session or need to ask advice for the most appropriate treatment, don’t hesitate to request more information.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Everyone receiving a treatment will have a consultation with me first to ensure suitability for the treatment. All your information that I gather on your consultation form is solely for the purposes of providing the most appropriate treatment for you. I will not share your information with anyone else. I treat anything you say to me as highly confidential.

Download our Privacy and Retention Policy.

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