Over the past year I have had various, regular treatments from Julie. These have been extremely valuable to me as I have had a problem neck for many years and suffer also from vertigo. Julie is very professional, kind and discrete; is keeping my problems under control and I shall continue my treatments, even if I just wanted a massage for the sake of it. I have no hesitation in recommending Julie. As far as how I feel after treatment – yes you ache a little for the remainder of the day, but it soon passes and all the muscles feel free of any tension.

CB, Beverley

Gentle Deep Tissue Massage incorporating hot stones and Indian Head Massage

Brilliantly relaxing, super attention to detail.

LW, Beverley

Pamper Me Massage

Absolutely wonderful, feel so relaxed.

MK, Market Weighton

Detox Massage

I’ve always suffered from shoulder pain, and lower back pain after having my two children. I hold most of my tension in these areas. I was looking forward to my first session with Julie but a little concerned that it might hurt! I’ve only had a couple of sessions so far, but can feel the difference a day or so after the appointment. I have a lot of knots and tightness but gradually they are becoming looser. Julie makes you feel at ease, relaxed and gives you some great advice in assisting with any problems you have. Her process of working is light and gradually through different massage techniques, unravels the knots. My shoulders feel a lot freer and I’m trying to follow Julie’s tips to stay that way! I look forward to my next session to help me feel relaxed and enjoy having some time out for me.

Mrs K Iveson (has received 3 sessions so far)

Deep Tissue Massage

I began to suffer with headaches – completely out of the blue. The doctor diagnosed these as ‘tension headaches’. It was advised that I booked some massage sessions as I wasn’t keen on taking pills. I hadn’t even thought about massage before. I thought it was something you had for a ‘treat’ or when you went on a spa weekend! I rang Julie and explained how I was feeling – my main thought was ‘can massage help ease my bad head’. Julie reassured me straight away by saying she had other clients with similar symptoms – she also talked about posture, fluids and talked me through what the sessions would entail.  During our first session Julie picked up on my poor posture and gave me some great advice and simple exercises to do. The massage itself was such a relief – she knew exactly where my knots and aches were and all this helped to relax my muscles which over a few sessions reduced the pains I was getting at the top and back of my head. The head massages Julie gave were just heavenly. I would highly recommend this form of treatment. It certainly helped me and my headaches have improved so much over the past couple of months.

Alison Richardson (received 3 sessions)

Deep Tissue Massage

That was out of this world! Just wonderful relaxation.

CA, Beverley

Hot Stone Therapy

Absolutely wonderful, feel so relaxed.

MK, Market Weighton

Detox Massage

After the very first session, I felt as if the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. By my third session this feeling had become the norm; my posture has improved, my energy levels have been enhanced and a general feeling of wellbeing has been maintained ever since. It has motivated me to start a moderate health and fitness regime, part of which now includes a regular massage.

AM, Beverley

Deep Tissue in first few sessions, but now has more of a pampering massage

Wonderfully relaxing, enjoyed it very much and felt I benefitted from it. I felt quite tired for the first 48 hours afterwards and slept well and drank lots of water. I now feel more “energised”. I would recommend it to anyone. Julie has a very calm, caring manner and her massage techniques are very relaxing.

CH, kilham

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Should be mandatory for all new mums, total bliss!


Facial Massage

Total relaxation, marvelous, thanks Julie!

RH, Beverley

Deep Tissue Massage

Fabulous, I will certainly be back!

FH, Cottingham

Detox Massage

Following a spinal injury, as a result of surgery, I have been suffering a range of difficulties and health issues. Some months ago, I began going to Julie for massage for a number of reasons: I am partially paralyzed so I needed help to ease my tightened muscles, my skin was hyper-sensitive, I suffered with nerve pain and I had significant numbness from my waist down.

During the months that I have been seeing Julie, the massage has helped enormously. My skin is becoming less sensitive as Julie not only uses her hands in massage but has also introduced my skin and hence, my nervous system, to several other sensations by using hot stones and, more recently skin brushing. The nerve pain has almost disappeared and it is so insignificant now that I do not have any need to take pain relief. The numbness in my body is slowing diminishing and there are distinct areas of skin which feel normal again and the benefit to my muscles is wonderful. I am also seeing an improvement in my circulation. Above all, I leave a session of massage feeling an enormous sense of relief from pain and discomfort.

Having regular massage has become a vital part of my recovery and I cannot stress highly enough the real help and improvement I have received as a result of Julie’s expert care.

VB, Beverley

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