Here’s the facts:

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and serves to protect us. We only get one chance to look after it well and it cannot be replaced if damaged.

Our skin acts as a semi-permeable barrier to the outside world, letting some substances be absorbed into the body, and letting some waste products out. That is, if it is in good working order! Unfortunately, environmental effects and the natural process of aging loses skin elasticity forming wrinkles and vital oil production required to protect the skin is reduced. So the skin’s barrier can be compromised.

 Our skin constantly sheds dead skin cells to reveal the plump new healthy cells. When we are young, the rate they are shed is certainly faster than as we get older. Dead skin cells also make the skin look dull.

 So, for skin to be at its optimum, it needs to be constantly protected and replenished with nourishing vitamins and minerals and healing and repairing antioxidants to give you that youthful, glowing look. Therefore our skin needs a helping hand, especially as we get older. An exfoliation will remove any dead skin cells on the skin’s surface to reveal the live, healthy cells. Botanical oils have properties similar to our own skin, and the skin can metabolise them, so they serve to bring back the much needed moisture we lose and protect our skin.